Registry areas scanned

Are you a tech guy? OK, there is a technical information of what KCleaner really scans on your computer. KCleaner is not a "scareware" - we don't display a lot of "fake errors" to incite you for registration.
KCleaner scans a huge area of your registry and system. On typical configuration, KCleaner scans more than 20.000 items in the registry.

There is another important thing: Our philosophy is maximum safety. That means: lot of registry entries are not clear and can or can not be interpreted as an error. In this cases, KCleaner always choose the safest way - so it never reports the registry issues as errors, if the interpretation is not 100% clear.

What areas KCleaner scans?

Note: This list is not quite complete, we permanently add a new scan areas. For a full list on newest additions, see also version history page.

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